Amazin Care Limited



Amazin Care started to operate in 2015, We are a family run business.

We seek to provide the perspective of family valves in the way that we provide our services and we promote these valves to all our staff. 

As a private independent company run and managed directly by the directors and professional staff,

we take pride in  offering a service that is based on Person-Centered Approach and Holistic Care Approach.

We tend to support our service users in a way that shows respect and dignity.

We offer a positive environment where peoples unique qualities, strengths and abilities are properly recognized.

Amazin Care know that finding a safe and suitable place to live independentaly can be difficult

especially if you have Learning Disabilities or Special Needs.

Research has shown that people with Learning Disabilities are more likely to be isolated

that is why we have developed the idea of Supported Living where a group of individuals can live together as a Family and yet have individual goals.

In addition, to reduce isolation encourage social stimulation, maintain relationship make new ones and meet the needs of a diverse Community.

We support each individual differently, everyone is unique having different qualities and personalities, abilities and different needs.

Our Ethos is that we support you to maintain your independence as far as possiible and learn new skills

  At Amazin Care we provide a comprehensive range of services which include, Supported Living, Outreach Services and Home Support

 We offer a breadth of expertise across a wide range of learning disabilities, Autism, Mental Health Conditions and Complex needs.



Our aim is to provide care and support to our Clients in a manner that respects dignity and choice, is person centred and promotes independence, encourage inclusion, increase self-confidence and a Holistic Care Approach.

The service will be provided with fully vetted and trained staffs that are committed to the company’s principles.

Our Mission Statement:

To provide individualised support for people with learning Disability/ physical disabilities Autism and Mental Health, challenging needs, to enable them to live in their own home,

To participate and be included in their community.

To provide support that is Person Centred and a Holistic Care Approach.

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