Our staff


Our staff
Our staff provide our clients with high-quality support and access to housing services that places them at the centre of any planning and decision making, enabling them to have control over their lives.

Our staff are recruited, supported and trained to:

Treat people with dignity and respect
Focus on people’s potential and strengths
Value each person as a unique individual
Accept people for who they are and what they have achieved
Listen non-judgementally to people’s experiences
Be genuinely concerned for the person’s wellbeing
Be creative and innovative when supporting someone to realise their potential.
We support individuals to:

Become more independent
Maximise the choice and control they have over their lives
Maintain and increase their dignity and self-respect
Play an active role within their communities
Build friendships and networks within these communities
Enjoy opportunities to learn, and grow to realise their potential
Gain the safety and security they need to reach that future.
For further information:
Contact our supported living team on 01322 430191 or email: Blossom Lodge
Visit our Personalisation page