Activities at Blossom Lodge




All our service users are encouraged and supported to participate actively in the community.

But at Blossom Lodge we have our own activities, which is planned by the service users, and organised by the service users.

The support workers are there for any support that the service users may need, in order to make the activities happens, so that the service users can take pride for their accomplishment.

Some of the evening activities would include theme Country Cultures;

French Evening; British Evening; Mexican Evening; Italian Evening, Spanish Evening etc;

this will involve creating the Country’s Culture atmosphere,

The Country’s popular menu will be cooked by the service users,

We will all be dress in the Country’s popular attire.

We shall enjoy the Country’s music

And share any information we know about that Country.

Other Activities may include;

Disco Night

Sing along (Karaoke) Night

Pizza night

Bowling night /Snooker night

Halloween Night

Christmas Dinner Party

Any other activity the service users might want to include.