In September 2018, the Domiciliary department of Amazin Care was closed.

Amazin Care now operates Supported Living Accommodation for people with Learning Disability, and Home support Services. Amazin Care provides care support for service users living at Blossom Lodge in Erith. In addition, provides support for people that needs support for activities of daily living in their own home.

One of the main reasons that some people move into a supported living accommodation, is to become more independent, to become part of a group, to make friends and to stay safe.  According to survey, people who are living on their own,  are more likely to be lonely, isolated and may suffer from depression.  Here in Blossom Lodge, the service users are supported to live their lives to the fullest.  The service users individually have their own weekly activities plan, as well going out as a family.

Here are some of the photos of our service users at a Halloween party;

Halloween Night 2018

Our service users and staff at Halloween Party
Our service users and staff at Halloween Party

Community Activities

This is KE and GJ having a Horse-riding activity
LR and JH having a meal in the restaurant.

At Blossom Lodge we have some of the staff that used to work in the Domiciliary Department; Peace, Vivian and Betty.  And we have new staff that has joined us; Augustina (she is on maternity leave, and has given birth to a bouncing baby boy), Augusta, and Grace. In May we advertised for the post of Senior Support Worker; Rebecca was among the few who applied. In June, she became our Senior Staff.  We all work together as well a team, to ensure the service users have good quality of life. The staff have compassion to care, they are committed, and derive satisfaction from their job.

Amazin Care is a family business, we endeavor to bring the values of family into our services.  At Blossom Lodge, it is like a family house, the service users laugh and joke together, share memories, experience sadness and happiness, and look after each other.

Celebration Time

LR marked her 67th Birthday Party At Blossom Lodge.
KE marked her 40th Birthday with friends and family

Barbeque Garden Party at Blossom Lodge
Barbeque Garden Party at Blossom Lodge

Christmas party at Blossom Lodge

JH watering the Plants
JH in the garden helping with putting laundry on line.

Summer Holiday At Butlins

Summer Holiday At Butlins Bognor Regis

In September, all the service users were supported to go on a holiday to Bognor Regis.  The Holiday trip was eventful, and full of fun. From the result of the Holiday Quality Assurance survey questionnaire, the service users all said that they enjoyed themselves, they enjoyed the entertainment, they loved the drinks and meals, they loved the game machine, and they enjoyed the swimming pool.  According to the Quality and Assurance feedback, they all said they would like to go on holiday again, but for a longer period.

Thanks to all the staff Team who contributed in one way of the other to make the holiday trip a success. From taking the service user to shop for their holiday stuff, supporting them to pack their luggage, and those that travelled with them, you are all amazing.

Furthermore, in September we introduced the pilot scheme of Log My Care software, this software enables us to write our carers note on line.  So, while the service users were away on holiday, we were able to follow all their activities, when the staff updated their care support on Log my care. After, a successful pilot scheme of log my care, log my care was officially launched in October.  We are now able to read all our service users daily care support notes, and updates in the palm of our hands.

Amazin Care is keeping abreast of the time, digital care planning systems are becoming widely used and CQC recognize that they provide benefits to care providers.  By using a digital system, we can support the NHS’s paperless 2020 project for Health and Social Care.  In addition, mobile care monitoring gives us security and protects staff as they can prove what they were doing as it is recorded in real time.  If the records state that a resident has been giving her morning medication, we are confident that the staff member recording is reliable. Overall, log my Care and Rota Cloud have been so valuable to help us maintain a high level of quality care.

We are looking to produce our newsletter every six months; we welcome any contributions. And if you want to become part of the Newsletter team, please contact the manager.With that we come to End of this Newsletter – Thank