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Dementia, Parkinson Disease and Alzheimer

Dementia is not a natural consequence of ageing. It is a cruel disease that destroys brain cells. Gradually losing the ability to remember, plan, use language and control our bodies is a frightening and confusing experience. It can cause fear, anxiety and a feeling of loneliness. Our aim is to help you manage the symptoms of dementia so that you can safely stay in control of your life as much as possible, for as long as possible. Our staff are passionate about, helping you maintain your confidence, independence and lifestyle and Providing much needed support to family carers.


to support service users in learning and developing skills which promote their independence, self-esteem, dignity and respect in the community. To foster social contacts with people without learning disabilities.

Keep connected – meet friends and family, go to school, college or clubs, pursue a favourite hobby

  • Support with Personal care
  • Keep fit and healthy – attend medical appointments, eat well or go to a fitness centre
  • Stay independent – manage money, take a shopping trip to town or pay bills
  • Maintain a daily routine – get up and go to bed
  • Keep your home clean and tidy – help with domestic chores like washing and ironing