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We help our customers to enjoy a wide variety of social activities, including:

  • Organising days out, such as meeting friends and family
  • Regular weekly visits to the local pub, or a social club
  • Visits to watch the action at the local cricket or bowls club
  • Shopping trips
  • Visits to the hairdresser, nail bar or chiropodist, for some pampering
  • A trip to the library, to chose some books or CDs
  • Meeting friends at a cafĂ© for tea and cake
  • A visit to the cinema or theatre

The possibilities are endless; so if you have a particular destination in mind, let us know all about it and we will make the necessary arrangements to support you to attend.


We offer a whole range of domestic support services within your own home. As with all our services, this support is completely flexible to meet your own personal needs and preferences, so just ask if you want us to carry out chores that aren’t described below. Here are some examples of typical routine domestic services that we provide to clients:

  • Cleaning, vacuuming, dusting and polishing
  • General tidying and other light household duties
  • Washing up
  • Cleaning the oven
  • Laundry and ironing
  • Defrosting the freezer
  • House-sitting or key-holding
  • Supporting other members of your household with their tasks

Our staff cannot undertake more specialised tasks, such as window cleaning.


Healthy meals need care to plan and prepare. Our carers who assist with shopping and meal preparation understand the importance of healthy eating, and will ensure that clients are helped to eat meals that they not only enjoy, but that also help them to become healthier.

We’re happy to fit in with your needs. We can accompany you to the shops, and help you to do the shopping, or we can agree a shopping list with you and do the shopping on your behalf. Then we can either prepare your meal, or assist you while you do the preparation. Afterwards, we can also support to clear away and support to do the washing up for you, or with you.


Support with your medication can be given in many ways to ensure that you are taking the right medication at the right time. We can remind you to take your medication, assist you to take the right medication or give full support by administration, encouraging your confidence and satisfaction that your health needs are being met.
We can also discuss your health needs with you in general, and if you need an appointment with a healthcare professional, then we can support you to make the appointment and accompany you, should you wish this.

Taking the stress out of medication

Another way we can help is to support you to have your prescribed medication put into a Monitored Dosage System by the Pharmacist. You will still have to take your medication at the right time, but you won’t have to worry about organising them, or wondering whether you have taken your medication or not, as it will be clearly marked. However, if you still need a lot of help with your medication then we can administer your tablets from this system for you.
Every member of our care team receives full training in Medication and they are qualified and approved to prompt, assist or administer your medication.

We can organise your prescriptions for you

Remembering to obtain and renew prescribed medication can be a difficult chore for many people. We can ensure that your prescription goes in to the doctor’s surgery on time, and we can then collect your prescription items from the chemist when they are ready, and bring them to you, or arrange for regular deliveries straight from the pharmacy, if this service better suits your needs.

Live-in support/Sleep-in/Waking night

Amazin Care gives you the option of high quality care without moving to a care home. Our live-in/sleep-in/waking night care service offers the reassurance of 24 hour care and support in the comfort of your own home. A member of our team will ask what is important about the way you live your life so we can provide the care you want, the way you want it.